DEVELOPMENT ON VELOSYNTH HAS IDLED - EFFALO is no longer actively pursuing velosynth as a primary endeavor. That being said, velosynth isn't dead: it's just in stasis and waiting for another day in the sunlight. If you have direct experience with embedded audio synthesis and would like to collaborate, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

velosynth is an open-source bicycle interaction synthesizer.

it's a small, hackable computer that augments the cycling experience by interpreting speed, acceleration, and other sensor data into useful audio feedback.



10 kits and 2 pre-assembled units are currently being sourced, packaged and delivered to people from all across the world!

  1. cpu + radio module (jeenode arduino-compatible microcontroller)
  2. controller module (AD5206-based digital potentiometer)
  3. oscillator module (4093 / 40106 / 4040 / 4015)
  4. three-axis accelerometer
  5. amplifier module (LM386-based, .5W)
  6. power source
  1. speaker
  2. on/off switch
  3. volume potentiometer
  4. momentary switch
  5. sparkfun 7-segment serial display
  6. speed sensor port

what can you do with it?

how does it work?

can i hack it?